Toby Brighter-

Dan Briggs

Lucas Delmore-

Rhys Howells

Charlotte Brighter-

Rebecca Eastwood

Anthony Mortis-

James McCorkindale


Abigail Law-Briggs

Paul Michaels-

Tim Benge


Sandro Squillace


Kyle Chester


Vampires: Brighter in Darkness


Coming soon on DVD

When cute, wide-eyed Toby comes out of a disastrous relationship, sister Charlotte sets him up on a blind date with a difference. What neither of them realise is that the date is with Lucas, a 1500 year old vampire. Before long, Toby is plunged into the dark world of demons, black magic and the supernatural, where nobody is safe and nothing is what it seems...

An exciting British feature film brimming with a whole fresh batch of upcoming and easy-on-the-eye local talent, Vampires: Brighter in Darkness brings the romance and terror of the Twilight series to the UK.

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Vampires: Brighter in Darkness official release date confirmed.

Vampires: Brighter in Darkness , the official Directors cut which will feature new scenes, special effects and soundtrack will be available Worldwide through all good stores, Amazon and itunes on the 22nd October 2012.  The film will be distributed by Peccadillo Pictures ltd.


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Vampires: Lucas Rising is finally here!!

A year on...dark shadows fill the night... A figure with supernatural speed races through a ancient Vampire, a man held over his shoulder...a sacrifice...a ruined castle looms before him...A sacred place...It is time to perform the dark summon back his old Friend... It's time for Lucas Rising!



Vampires: Lucas Rising In pre-production.

From the creator of the ‘cult’ film ‘Vampires: Brighter in Darkness comes the next instalment in the Vampires saga: ‘Vampires: Lucas Rising’

Set one year after Lucas had followed Toby into the Chaos realms to rescue him, Lucas is summoned back into the mortal world by his old friend Mikal.  Filming is due to start this summer.  keep an eye on this page and facebook for further updates.